It’s Hard to Look Up When You Think the Sky is Falling

Remember Chicken Little?  Sometimes known as Henny Penny, she is the main character of an ancient fable that became a children’s classic when I was a kid.  If I remember correctly, the story begins when an acorn falls on Chicken Little’s head and she is convinced the sky is falling.  She then spends her time running around telling everyone that the end is near since the sky is falling down.  Historically, the story has had two endings.  In one, the chicken is eaten by an unscrupulous fox and the moral of the story is don’t be a chicken.  In the other version, the chicken survives by listening to a last minute warning and the moral seems to be not to believe everything you hear.

As I got older, I realized the sky cannot fall (I was never a scientific genius), but it’s amazing how often I hear folks that sound a lot like Chicken Little. Here are some recent examples:

  • If we re-elect the President he will destroy our country.
  • The federal debt is on the verge of ruining our economy.
  • Illegal immigration is going to eliminate all our jobs.
  • Dependency on foreign oil is going to turn us into a third world country and make us subservient to the Middle East.
  • In a few years, the Chinese will own most of our country.
  • Social Security is going bankrupt and by the time we are senior citizens we will starve to death.
  • The universe is spinning out of control. (Obviously an overstatement)
  • The Motion Picture Association says they will lose $58 billion this year to “content theft” including the loss of 373,000 American jobs. (Do the math.)
  • The United Nations is trying to put a cap on the number of people on the earth.
  • The President is trying to sneak through a law that will allow him to detain American citizens at his discretion.
  • The House of Representatives just passed a bill that is the first step toward eliminating freedom of speech.
  • Our current President is ineligible to be in office.

These are all things I learned from reading Facebook in the past twenty-four hours.  Now you might want to suggest that I need to get some new friends, some who are a little more optimistic, but I don’t think the attitude of my friends is the problem.  This is the attitude of our whole society.

It is amazing how we like to spread bad news.  It is almost like we want something bad to happen.  I’m not sure what will happen when it does other than we can go around saying, “I told you so!”  What did Chicken Little expect her friends to do if the sky was truly falling?  How do you take shelter from something like that?

The disheartening part of this whole thing is that Christians are often the ones shouting the loudest.  The majority of my Facebook friends are believers yet they are the ones trying to tell me the sky is falling.  It is disheartening because we are to be about the business of sharing the Gospel – the Good News! At the very outset of His ministry, Jesus said He came to proclaim good news.  What are we missing?

Take for example the economy. We are continually bombarded with the news that our nation’s economy is drowning in debt, that times are tough, and there is very little hope for the future.  All we hear, especially from those we have enlisted to be our Christian “financial experts,” is that the economic sky is falling. According to one of these experts, the only thing to celebrate is the day we finally pay off our credit cards.

Come on guys, the sky is not falling. To keep hearing that makes us afraid to look up.  However, if we can risk it for just a moment, we will see a different reality.  The reality is that God has told us not to worry about tomorrow and that He will care for us in a more loving way than He provides for the flowers in the field.  If we still stop covering our heads and look to the heavenly father, we will discover there really is Good News.

Jesus made these promises to His first followers.  I think it is safe to say that everyone reading this article is enjoying a standard of living at least one hundred times better than those who first heard His words.

I’m not suggesting that we ignore problems that we can address, but let’s approach them with confidence that God is in control. As Chicken Little learned, don’t believe everything you hear.



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2 responses to “It’s Hard to Look Up When You Think the Sky is Falling

  1. Reuben Black

    I enjoy your outlook, Terry. While I have never subscribed to the ” sky is falling” culture, it is disheartening that there seems to be a lot of Jesus followers in that group.

  2. Geoffrey Bray

    Timely as always. I concur … I’m ready for the Good News. Like the Derek Webb song … my hope isn’t in the US or democracy … but in a King and a Kingdom.

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