A Parable about Congress

A man worked hard to become a well-respected successful lawyer because he knew one day he would take over his father’s law practice. However, his father died before the young man knew the law as well as he should, and he certainly had not learned about his place in the world. Because of the stipulations in his father’s will, he found himself as an equal to his father’s longtime law partner, working together to continue to build the firm.Congress

Not wanting to allow anyone else to receive the benefits of the law firm, the young man set about the task of undermining everything his partner tried to do. In fact, his well-stated and intentional purpose was to cause his partner to fail. He worked against everything his partner attempted. The young man did not have time to bring in new clients because he was too busy running off his partner’s clients. He had no new ideas of how to improve the law firm because all his thought was given to undermining his partner. Word soon got out that the law firm’s partners were at odds with one another, and there were no new customers.

That is the way it is when we are consumed with causing the failure of others rather than focusing on the success of everyone.


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  1. I can learn from this. Instead of espousing divisive discontent toward people content with hating our president, I could be building up the Kingdom that awaits. Thanks Terry!!

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