Falling for Satan’s Temptation

The prominent pastor of a downtown, historically famous, First Baptist Church in North Texas has recently endorsed Donald Trump for President. Not only has he spoken out to share his support, he has also appeared at Trump rallies, and can be frequently seen on television praising Trump as the best choice for President.

When pressed with the question of a Christian leader supporting the seemingly unchristian candidate, the pastor usually replies with an answer that should cause you to scratch your head.Temptation

His answer typically goes like this: “If I were choosing someone to lead Bible studies in the White House I would not support Donald Trump. However, I am supporting him because I believe he has the best chance to defeat Hillary Clinton.”

This answer reminds me of the temptations of Jesus in the wilderness. I can hear Satan saying to our pastor friend, “If you want to keep Hillary Clinton out of the White House you need endorse my foul-mouthed, racist, hateful, dishonest candidate who pretends to be a believer, but provides every evidence to the contrary. Do that and I will make sure to keep the Democrats out of power.”

Apparently this pastor has reduced his sole desire for the nation to keeping Hillary Clinton out of the White House. If it requires supporting and campaigning for a candidate who is totally unqualified and too undignified to hold the office, then so be it.

God has promised to watch over His people (see numerous scripture verses) and reminded us that He is in control of the universe, which includes elections in the United States, but Satan comes along and says, “If you will support an ungodly candidate then I will give you what you want.”

Instead of reminding folks about the power of trust and the value of ethics, this pastor (and many others, by the way), say, “I’m in. Let’s do everything we can to make this work.”

Perhaps they need a little more time in the wilderness. Accepting bad in order to avoid something you think is worse is not the path of faith. It’s time for our leaders to get it right, and it is past time for us to choose better leaders.


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One response to “Falling for Satan’s Temptation

  1. To a large extent, evangelicals have lost tremendous credibility in this election cycle. God is absent from many pulpits now.

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