Frequently in our morning prayer time, Sharon and I will ask that God will use us to minister to someone today. Since I work from home, and many days she doesn’t have work that requires leaving the house, I sometimes wonder how God can find a way to answer our prayer. Today, God certainly answered the prayer in a most unusual way.

Sharon had just returned from the store and unloaded her car. She noticed a man looking through the discarded items a neighbor had placed on the curb. I looked out the window to see what he was doing, and observed as he backed up his truck and loaded a few items.

For some reason, I remembered a wheelchair that I don’t use any more that sits idly in my office. It needs some repair work, and I’m not even sure if it can be made usable. However, I would be happy if someone just hauled it away.ibot

So I went outside and got the man’s attention before he drove off. I asked what kind of stuff he was looking for, and he said, “Metal stuff, or things I can repair.”

I asked, “How about an old wheelchair that’s not working?”

He got real excited about that, and I warned him that it might be beyond repair. He was unfazed, so I took him into my office to examine the chair. He was thrilled, explaining that he can send it to Mexico where it can be used to help people get to church.

I found a neighbor who was home, and the two men lifted the heavy chair into the back of the pickup. I told him everything I knew about the chair, gave him the owner’s manual, and told him I hoped he could get it to work.

Before he left, he asked my name. Then he asked if he could pray for us. He did. A powerful prayer that God would bless us and that Jesus would be glorified.

When he finished, he reached out to shake my hand. I asked for his name, and he replied, “Angel.”

He really is Angel. I hope God uses the chair to bless someone, perhaps as far away as Mexico. I do know that he has already blessed Sharon and me by sending Angel to our house today.



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