The following books by Terry Austin are available:

Authentic Stewardship

Authentic Steward coverEvery stewardship leader must become a person of great stewardship books and of The Book.  Any commitment to authentic, engaged stewardship ministry must also include a commitment to reading about it.  Authentic Stewardship will be forever known as a classic in my stewardship library. The insights and promises contained herein set this book and its author out as one of the most valuable in our time.

We need authentic stewardship giving and lifestyles now!   No more ground can afford to be lost while the church in America occasionally offers a stewardship sermon, and is seen for lack of commitment to stewardship lifestyles in these pressing times, forecast to remain “cloudy and overcast” unless authentic change happens now.

I pray that hearts and intellects of our future leaders will be disturbed and raw-challenged by the contents; that a new generation will claim this book as their clarion call to usher in change in ministry giving.  Moreover to desire, and motive to live authentically and publicly as stewardship leaders.  Every ministry should buy a crate of this book and ensure all board members study together the amazing meanings in each chapter as they lead ministry”.


Reflecting on his unique life from the perspective of a wheelchair, author Terry AustinIntermission-Front-Cover weaves a fascinating story of God’s goodness and provisions.

 He is a writer and publisher who has produced a dozen books under his own name, at least 15 as a ghost writer, numerous magazine articles, as well as Bible study material, and blogs. His range of writing covers a wide variety of subjects from sermons, Bible study, stewardship, short stories, politics, and current events.
Terry was a pastor and church consultant for more than two decades. He was a leader in the field of church stewardship for many years, being named “Stewardship Professional of the Year” in 2004.He has preached in more than 500 churches over the years.
Since a struggle with polio as an infant, Terry has spent his life in a wheelchair and walking on crutches. You can follow his current writing on his BLOG.
He and his wife Sharon live in Fort Worth, Texas. Terry is an avid Texas Ranger fan and will confess that he accomplishes far more work in the off-season.

Acceptance, Forgiveness, and Love: Building a Church Without Fences

“I like Jesus but I don’t want anything to do with the church!” That is a frequent mantraChurch cover ebook of young people today. Almost everybody you talk to can share a bad experience they had with the church. If you do word association with the term “church” you will probably get responses like, “judgmental,” “critical,” “condescending,” “out of touch,” “insignificant,” and “old fashioned.” This is hard to hear for those of us who have always loved the church. But we should pay attention. We are doing something wrong. The church has a message of acceptance, forgiveness, and love but it is not being heard.

This book is not a how to repair the church book. It is more like a journal. It is an honest look at what is going on with the church and how some are seeking ways to allow the church to be a place of grace. It is about putting Christ at the center without delineating a circumference.

If you are a church leader, this book will probably make you uncomfortable. If you have turned your back on the church, this book might give you hope once again. If you are interested in joining the conversation about how to be the church this book will be a good place to begin.

Treasure Hunting: A 30 Day Search for Your Heart – 

Thirty days of devotionals guaranteed to give you new insight into the day to day Treasure Huntingstewardship opportunities that come your way. Written by Terry Austin