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It Might Be Time for a Course Correction

My Facebook news feed has been flooded the past few weeks with articles trying to explain how evangelical Christians can support Donald Trump. It seems that people are struggling to understand how people of faith can stand with a candidate who spouts anger and hatred, one who has no understanding of the Christian faith, in spite of his claims to the contrary.

I confess the notion perplexes me as well. Just today, the well-known pastor or a large inner-city Baptist church in Dallas (you can no doubt figure out his identity) stood beside Trump at a large rally and sang his praises. This pastor’s endorsement is far outside everything I have ever been taught about Christianity. course correction

There is no need for me to delve into all the reasons why Trump should not be the candidate of Christians, just listen to him yourself for five minutes. But he has become just that, the candidate of choice in the Republican Party for Christians. He is even trouncing the candidate who has built his entire campaign around the notion that he is a Christian. Go figure.

Why are we surprised? Trump is simply spouting the same hateful rhetoric many have been throwing out there for the past eight years. When you criticize everything about the government for years, and you vilify the President for every move he makes, and you spew hate toward everyone who disagrees with you, don’t be surprised that the one who criticizes, vilifies, and spews the best suddenly becomes the one to lead the party.

I haven’t heard Trump say one thing that Christians haven’t already posted on Facebook in the past few years. The Republican Party is simply following the natural progression they have been on for years. Christians, yes even Evangelical Christians, have led the charge and now they claim not to understand. What is there to understand? This is where the party has been headed for years. Trump simply came along and sped up the process.

It’s really a shame. The candidate that I could most easily support is being trampled in the rush toward anger and hate. He professes to be a believer in Christ, holds reasonable positions on the issues, but his biggest problem is that he is not angry enough. There is no way anybody could secure the party nomination without being angry and hateful.

There is no way Trump could understand that Evangelical Christians might be opposed to him. After all, it is what many have been advocating for years. At least that is the inevitable conclusion from their Facebook posts and Tweets the past few years. That’s why Trump continually claims to be loved by Evangelicals. He’s not lying; he’s simply responding to what he has seen the last few years. If you still don’t understand, take some time and review the stuff some of your Evangelical Christian friends have been posting.


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How to Look Stupid When Talking About Gun Control

Doing something unremarkable can sometimes prove to be one of the best things you have ever done. I have heard many people relate that taking high school typing class has paid life-long dividends. The same is true for me. At the time, pecking away on those clacking old manual typewriters didn’t seem to be of much value, but now I spend most of my time at a keyboard utilizing those learned skills.

The same is true for a debate class I took in college. I had never taken debate prior to my senior year of college. As a speech minor, it was an opportunity to knock out three hours in a required field so I signed up. Little did I know that I signed up for an adventure that has paid life-long dividends as well.

We had a visiting professor, a retired speech teacher from Texas Tech, who wanted to put together a debate team. He took some of us from the class and paired us together in teams of two and created four teams willing to travel and take on all comers. My unlikely partner was a fellow senior whose most striking feature was her good looks. She was not much of a debater, but she contributed to the success of our efforts in other ways. arguing

At an all-day Saturday tournament in Lubbock, I remember one of the judges wrote on our critique, after some candid comments about our debating style, “A very pretty young woman.” This was back in the day when it was acceptable to compliment a woman on her looks. I also remember being destroyed by two guys from Houston, and after the debate, one of them asked my partner for a date.

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President Obama’s Faith

I watched the President’s speech yesterday at the 50 year commemoration ceremony in Selma, Alabama. It was a very good speech, one of the best I have ever heard from a politician, bordering on being a Christian sermon. In fact, after it was over, I mentioned to Sharon that it felt like we had just been to church.

After hearing him speak yesterday, and recalling many of his other speeches, it is fascinating how he so effortlessly weaves the words of scripture and Christian hymns into many of his speeches. It is not unusual for many of our Presidents to quote scripture in their speeches; however this President seems to do it with great familiarity of the words.Obama delivers remarks at the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama

What has always perplexed me is the way so many people insist that President Obama is not a Christian. He claims to be a Christian, he shares his faith often, he testifies to a conversion experience, he appears to live a lifestyle that is consistent with a Christian faith, and as I said, he seems very comfortable with the Bible. These are all evidence of a genuine faith.

I understand that some of you will suggest I read James 1:19 where we are reminded that even Satan himself believed in God, or you might refer to the temptations of Jesus in the wilderness and remind me that Satan also quoted scripture. But come one, if that is your criteria then none of our claims to be Christian are valid. Continue reading


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